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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another Sunny Day in Florida (NOT!)

I have finished the Everyday Purse for Brooklyn and decided that the left over yarn I would make her a change holder. That change holder was just way to much fun. I am going to try to do it again. Of course I now I want one. Brooklyn will be getting her goodies tomorrow night at church, I am so nervous, for I am hoping she will love it (I have had so much fun doing this for her, she just totally lights up when she is asking about it). Did I mention that when I took Brooklyn to the yarn store in Winter Park that we found a purse there with two different types of loops. So from memory I tried it on her purse. It turned out great (if I do say so myself) now this purse will close without a button or etc.

Here is a pic of it before felting. Of course I have to model it.(it is 10:00p.m.)

Here is what the purse looks like after felting. (yes I forgot to measure)

Picture of the change purse that I made.

I found the pattern for the change purse out of a book that I got from the library. The book is on my wish list. (Oh I did not mention Pam's Wish List). Yes I have started a wish list for knitting books. Anyway back to the pattern the books name is: "Knitting Pretty", by Kris Percival. This book is the Bomb. I don't want to return it, so I will keep renewing it until the computer say NO More You Have To Return IT. NONONONONO, I do not want to, pls don't make me!! Sorry went off to somewhere else.

I have to share more pictures of my three boys, they are just tooo cute.

Here is Trevor at the table acting silly.

Picture of Cristian being silly.

Now tyler being silly (he has got ice cream dripping out if his mouth, or trying to)

While my love has just walked in the door from Church (music practice) so I am closing. Well blog later. Hugs to everyone out there in the blogging world.

Monday, June 27, 2005

A Proud Loser

I am a Proud Loser. I just finished the text and scored a 28. Oh yea, Oh yea. I am having a off day, today would have been my father's birthday. So I am going to say Happy Birthday Dad. I hope you are having a great time celebrating it with Jesus.

I am 28% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Finished with Tyler scarf

I have finished with Tyler's scarf and remembered that I have not posted any pictures of this. Remember that this is the yarn that Susie and I (I mostly watched) while I was in Michigan. I am having a great time making scarfs. I am going to try my hand at making a throw blanket next with some yarn that I bought at a yard sale.

This is what the scarf looks like.

this is Tyler modeling the scarf. ( He looks so handsome)

I would have made the scarf longer but I ran out of the yellow Fun Fur.

A Hello from Florida

Just thought it was time for me to blog again. I have been knitting Brooklyn's "Everyday Bag" (I am sorry I am not sure where Susie got this pattern, will email her so I can add a link to this). I will be taking pictures of the bag soon. I am having trouble with the Fun Fur, it is getting into knots on me. I am having to break off and then try to get the knots out of it. When I went to the kitting store in Winter Park I was telling the lady there that this was happening to me with the Fun Fur, so she started it for to make sure that I was using the right string, well as you can guess I am sitting in church (teaching the 2-4years old) trying to get is out of a Big knot. I was able to get enough of it to cast off on the bag, now I am going to work some more on it so that I can make her a I-Cord.
Went to my father-in-laws house last week while Auntie Lynn was there (she has been friends wit my mother-in-law and father-in-law since high school). She came to Florida and called to ask me to bring my children up to Eustis to visit her. So here are some pictures so that my sister-in-loves can see her.

Here is Lynn, Cristian and Tyler (they are just too cute)

Picture of Lynn and Joe.

Pamela and Lynn (Hope I look this good at 80)

Here is a picture of my wonderful husband and Lynn

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Have to go now for my two young need to go and take naps.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Here is another hobby of mine. "Stampin Up"

I just want to share another hobby of mine. I love to make my own cards and scrapbook, so every third Friday of the month I go to my friend Shelly's house and we make a few projects. So this last Friday I went and Donna came with me. So I am going to share pictures of this fun night.

Here are the ladies stampin their hearts out.

Here is Shelly friend (I am terrible with remembering names,pls forgive me) embossing a card, her best friend needs a copy of this picture to believe this is true. That Friday was her first time stampin. So lets give her a hand for a great job and a fun person to stamp with.

Here is a picture of me with my finished crafts. We made a card and a book to hold cards (birthday) for each month. Shelly is oh so cool about coming up with great ideas for us.

I noticed that you are not able to see what the projects really looked like in the picture of me. So here is another picture of the finished projects.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my other hobby. Will post new pictures of some other things that I have made.

Forgot to post pictures

Has I was looking over my blog I realized that I have not posted pictures of the bag that I made in Michigan using the yarn that Susie and I dyed. Also here are some pictures of the green bag done. I have gone to the knitting store in Winter Park to check it out and have purchased some yarn to make my new bag. I have decided to start a blanket with some yarn that I will not be using. I received a wonderful book from Susie when I was visiting her that she made and I came across a pattern for your left over yarn. I will keep you posted. Also I took along a young friend of mine named Brooklyn to the yarn store with me and she purchased some wool yarn for me to make her a bag. (oh the pressure is building now) I really am looking forward to getting started on her purse, just have to finish the scarf for Tyler that I am working on now. I will post new pictures of that when it is done.

Here I am knitting the I Cord.

Here is a picture of the bag that I made in Michigan.

Here is the green bag after felting

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. I am on my way to get some sun while my youngest are napping. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I have finished the "Everyday Bag"

I have finished the purse and now I am waitng for it to dry. I have had many phone calls with Susie to make sure I knew what to do on the next part (felting). She "Rocks" for taking the time with me and always says that it is okay for the phone calls. "Thanks Susie, I love you" I did not sew the ICord on right, but that is okay, next time I will not try to do this with all three kids up and demanding mommy. I am now off to knit something for Tyler. Hope you enjoy these pictures. Have yourself a great day. God Bless everyone.

Here is the purse before I sewed it together.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am kniting the bag again!!!

Well I just thought it was too cool, I was sitting the lobby of the Fla Rehab for my son Cristian speech therphy and I was getting ready to cast off on the purse again and decided to call Susie and make sure I knew what to do this time. Yes it worked. I am now working on the I cord and having a great time doing it. Can't wait to start the next project. Susie I am out of SkyBar's can I send you dry ice to ship me some more? While I was visiting my wonderful Susie in Michigan her daughter Katie introduced me to SkyBar that she gets from a store that I do not have here in Florida. So I brought 5 of them before I left to come home to Florida and now I am eating my last one. BOO WhO!!! I am hoping to finish this new bag tomorrow and I am wondering about blessing my pastor's wife with this bag. Talk with you later.

Here is a picture of the bag.

Now here is me knitting the I cord.

I will be posting again tomorrow with the new pictures of it felted. Just wish me luck with the sewing part. I hope Susie has her phone turned on.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The sun has come out here in Florida and I am Venting!!!!

Hello Everyone

Just sitting down and decided that I would vent a little steam on my blog. I lost my mother on May 25, 2005 and I left the next day to go visit my sister-in-love Susie (who took such good care of me). I come home and expect the five siblings to have a thought that there are more then just one brother or sister in this family (no I was wrong). I have had my eyes open to the fact that some of my siblings are just off their rockers (that is the nice way of saying it). I went to my husband after he caught me crying in the bathroom and told him what was happening and how I can't stand the BS that is going on over my Mother's stuff. My dear husband then points out to me that I am the crazy one to even think that my siblings were going to change just because we have lost our mom. Did I mention that my older brother John said the same thing to me. I even called my older sister Shari and was crying to her and telling her that I was having a pooping diaper night. But I will say after listening to my husband and praying with him and asking the Lord to forgive me for being so silly over things of my mothers that I can't take to heaven with me. I have decided to walk away and let the sister and brother that live in Daytona and Sanford have everything. I just decided that the best thing I have of my Mother's was her love and memories and that my friends is what I will always have here on Earth and in Heaven. Well enough venting, I have had a great time starting over the bag and now I am going to take my sweet time knitting it and hopefully I will be getting to the knitting store next week and sign up for some classes. I will be posting some new pictures soon. Thanks to all that is reading my blog and letting me vent. Love to all and have a great evening.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Do not let your children near your knitting

I was ready to start a new bag and as you can see on the pictures that I was getting a great start. But then I am casting off and end up knitting the purse together. (still do not know what I did wrong). I was able to undo my mistake and so I am off again. Still made a mistake by knitting the bag together (I really am trying to cast off and finish this bag). So I am able to save myself again and start to cast off and lo and behold my two young wonderful boys get my knitting and destroy the bag. I have now learned my lesson to put my knitting way up High. Susie where are you when I need you. Ha. I am going to give it another try but before I finish or should I say cast off I am going to a knitting store in Winter Park, FL and asking for help. I am going to go and start my knitting. My young boys are in dream land.

Picture of me having a great time knitting the bag.

Here is what the bag looked like.

Now here is what the bag looks like after my children go hold of it.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my first mistake. I was so mad and so ready to give up but after talking with my lovely sister-in-love Susie I am feeling better, so now I am going to give this another try.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Another Day in Sunny Florida,(where is the sun?)

I just now have the the time to sit here and write something to let everyone know what is happening. I have started a new handbag, working with two different yarns and then getting ready to add a third (fun fur) to it. Pls pray that I will be able to handle working with three. I have come home from Michigan and I forgot how busy I get with three young children. Pls I am having a garage sale this weekend. I will be taking pictures soon of the next project. My son Tyler is asking for a scarf, so after I finish this handbag I will be trying to make him one. My dh comes home one night and tells me that I am hooked to knitting for it is 12:00p.m. and I am still up knitting. (Oh ya). I am having a great time with this new hobbie. Seeya and talk with you soon.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Can't forget my other cutie, Tyler modeling the scarf

Tyler wants this scarf but mommy says no, It is my first one and I get to keep it. Just gotta love him. Susie thanks for getting me started on this blogging thing. Too cool.

My cuties Cristian and Trevor modeling the scarf.

Thanks to my wonderful and talent sister-n-love Susie for showing me how to knit and giving me this project that she started and let me finish and take home.

Knitting and finishing scarf that Susie started