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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another Sunny Day in Florida (NOT!)

I have finished the Everyday Purse for Brooklyn and decided that the left over yarn I would make her a change holder. That change holder was just way to much fun. I am going to try to do it again. Of course I now I want one. Brooklyn will be getting her goodies tomorrow night at church, I am so nervous, for I am hoping she will love it (I have had so much fun doing this for her, she just totally lights up when she is asking about it). Did I mention that when I took Brooklyn to the yarn store in Winter Park that we found a purse there with two different types of loops. So from memory I tried it on her purse. It turned out great (if I do say so myself) now this purse will close without a button or etc.

Here is a pic of it before felting. Of course I have to model it.(it is 10:00p.m.)

Here is what the purse looks like after felting. (yes I forgot to measure)

Picture of the change purse that I made.

I found the pattern for the change purse out of a book that I got from the library. The book is on my wish list. (Oh I did not mention Pam's Wish List). Yes I have started a wish list for knitting books. Anyway back to the pattern the books name is: "Knitting Pretty", by Kris Percival. This book is the Bomb. I don't want to return it, so I will keep renewing it until the computer say NO More You Have To Return IT. NONONONONO, I do not want to, pls don't make me!! Sorry went off to somewhere else.

I have to share more pictures of my three boys, they are just tooo cute.

Here is Trevor at the table acting silly.

Picture of Cristian being silly.

Now tyler being silly (he has got ice cream dripping out if his mouth, or trying to)

While my love has just walked in the door from Church (music practice) so I am closing. Well blog later. Hugs to everyone out there in the blogging world.


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