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Thursday, June 16, 2005

I am kniting the bag again!!!

Well I just thought it was too cool, I was sitting the lobby of the Fla Rehab for my son Cristian speech therphy and I was getting ready to cast off on the purse again and decided to call Susie and make sure I knew what to do this time. Yes it worked. I am now working on the I cord and having a great time doing it. Can't wait to start the next project. Susie I am out of SkyBar's can I send you dry ice to ship me some more? While I was visiting my wonderful Susie in Michigan her daughter Katie introduced me to SkyBar that she gets from a store that I do not have here in Florida. So I brought 5 of them before I left to come home to Florida and now I am eating my last one. BOO WhO!!! I am hoping to finish this new bag tomorrow and I am wondering about blessing my pastor's wife with this bag. Talk with you later.

Here is a picture of the bag.

Now here is me knitting the I cord.

I will be posting again tomorrow with the new pictures of it felted. Just wish me luck with the sewing part. I hope Susie has her phone turned on.


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