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Monday, November 20, 2006

Why does it seem that life is a Soap Opera???/

Sometimes life throws you a curve and I am here wondering which curve to take. I have already posted about the new house search and knitting. About a month ago I posted that I might be getting some money from my mother's estate. I was so happy for myself and my family.

Well now my bubble has been popped. I have one brother (who by the way is not a nice person and is not saved, so that is one strike against me in his book, for I am a child of Christ) and now he is asking the court to take this money and give him all of it instead of splitting this money 6 ways. I wonder sometimes where his head is. I have been letting my family go because they are just to much for me to handle and the negative that comes from them is just too much. But my flesh is saying this is just not right. But do I want to let this negative feelings or whatever you may call it back into my life when the last year (since my mother and father have pasted away) I have been really happy and my life is great. I am at such odds right now. I know in my heart that the money is really not that much but I just feel that it is time for someone to tell him that enough is enough and that he was not Shirley's only child.

I have been really good about the knitting. I have been knitting on my lap blanket instead of everything else. I am trying to finish my unfinished projects so hopefully my idea will work and I am only going to work on this until it is done and then move on to another and etc. Oh well enough of my ramblings. I am off to my cell group and having fun tonight.



  • At 11:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry to hear about the conflict in your family. I too have abrother that causes a lot of conflict in my family, though in a different way. It's hard but God has placed you in this family for a reason. I hope that you are enjoying the process of finding a new church. I pray that God places you in a wonderful community. Good luck too with finishing your current knitting projects. That kind of willpower has never lasted long for me!

    -Secret pal

  • At 6:28 PM, Blogger Christina said…

    Sounds like my family. I love my brother, but he is definitely of questionable values. Sometimes you just have to accept people for who they are. As for the estate, things have there way of working themselves out!

  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger Life's a Stitch said…

    Seems like every family has one of those...

    I just bought a book on wills and estates called the Family Fight and How to Avoid it. I doubt it will help my family of origin, just don't want to make mistakes with my kids.


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