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Sunday, July 31, 2005

New Yarn, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!!

I have been surfing others blogs and now I can honestly say that Tuesday Mornings do have yarn. I have been trying to get to my local shop and found my stash that I know was waiting there for me(calling my name from Longwood). And here the great find that I came across at the store.
Pls don't ask me the colors:

I am not sure because my yarn is in my room and I truly do not feel like getting up and going in there to find out. I have just finished with my 8 year old birthday party and I am dog tired. I will be trying to post pictures tomorrow of the party. He had a great party and a great turn out of his friends. I firgure that this is the last day of summer for the kids that have to start school tomorrow so lets have a great party to end the summer.
I have to give credit to my wonderful husband for working two jobs and letting me stay at home to raise our children and spend his money on my hobby. Thanks honey. You rock!!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

What a week!!!!!!!

It has been awhile that I have been able to sit down and write(blog), but I do have some great news and some great pictures. I have become a member of RAOK and I have been given a box of stuff (so cool). Thank you so much Barbara Long for the geat yarn and the little purse for the coin holder. (Where did you get the holder, that is just tooo cute.) She also sent me a heart shape soap.(how did she know that I love stuff like that).

Here is a picture of the box of stuff that I recieved yesterday:

The yarn that is in the box is: Persian NeedlePoint and Crewel Wool and the color is Bucilla.
I can't wait to make change purses or even cell phone holders.

Here is a close up picture of the bag with the balls of yarn and a pattern to make a change purse:

If you notice in the first picture of the bag of soap, I did not get a picture of it. Sorry, but I have taken it out the bag and put it in my bathroom.


I have started another purse and now I am using the last of the yarn supply that I purchased in Michigan while I was visiting my sister-in-love Susie. I will be posting pictures of it tomorrow. And then I am going to be felting it soon. I am so in love with this felting process. I have told my husband that I am going to surf the interent for some more of this yarn.
Does anyone have any special place that they buy yarn from and that you get it for a good price. The yarn that I bought in Michigan (wool) was great in price now I am going to see if they have a website and see about the shipping. Any suggestions from anyone would be so helpful. I am going now for my children are hungry and I need to get them dinner. Have a great day everyone.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Too long in not Blogging.

The last time I wrote I was vacationing in Jacksonville with my cousin Valerie. My foot is healing nicely, I did take off my splint after 4 days of wearing it. I could not handle it anymore plus I need to be on my feet (both) with three boys running around the house. I came home from my vacation with the intention of getting my son Tyler's birthday party ready and school supplies for him and Cristian (preschool) but then Tuesday I recieved a phone call from my oldest brother John and telling me that my newphew Johnnnie Jr. died at the age of 33. I don't understand why but I do know that he is in heaven with my mom and my brother Carl and that he is not hurting anymore and no one here on Earth can hurt him anymore. So go rest in peace Johnnie and soar in the heavens with your wings and be free.

Ok, now about the Sophie bag that I was trying to do. I called Susie and realized that I read the pattern wrong and I was too far along to do over. So I did the best next thing for myself I just knitted until I almost ran out of yarn and made two Icord handles and now the bag is my knitting bag. It is already being put to good use. My next purse is in the works.

Here is a picture of the bag before felting:

Now for a picture of the bag after felting:

And of course I forget to measure my work. I finished this bag while I was in Jacksonville.
I had a great time visiting with Valerie and I have pictures of her and me.

Pamela and Valerie:

Kristian having a great time with us (just look at that smile)

Joelyn having a great time with us:

I was able to visit with my Sister in love BJ and her kids and have a great dinner with them. Boy I remember when the kids were just babies. Erica was my flower girl on August 17, 1991 and now look at her.

Erica is the oldest of the girls and Paula is the next one in line standing with Aunt Pammi (how is getting so big and off to college soon)

Gracie is the youngest of the girls and is growing up too fast (looking at her reminds me that I am growing up)

I will be posting later, now I have to go and get Tyler's birthday invitions done and Thank you notes to the ladies at my church for suppling food for Johnnie's viewing and get together afterwards.


Friday, July 15, 2005

Being on Vacation in Jacksonville, FL

Just wanted to blog and let everyone know that I was still out there in the blog world, so I am in Jacksonville visiting with my cousin Valerie who let me come with my whole gang (three young children,one 15 year old, and one 16 year). I am here for a week and just told my husband that I was going to stay another few days. I lost touch with Valerie when we were about 14 years old and when my dad past away in July last year I called one the uncles and her father got ahold of her and now we are getting to know one another again. She has a great, great house and two beautiful kids, one boy and one girl. I am having a great time and my gang is also, there was only one bad thing and that was Tuesday night I fell and broke the top bone of my left foot and strained all the tendons in the foot, so you can guess that my foot is in a splint and I am on crutches but that has not stopped me from shopping. I will be posting pictures of this trip when I get home, I am going home on Sunday but I am thinking of staying another few days ( Valerie will be going nuts by then, maybe a few gray hairs).Getting ready to spend the day Saturday with my sister in love BJ, she has blessed me with clothes and a great dinner at her house. She is such a neat lady and I am so glad that I have been able to spend time with her while I have been here. Well one of my children is crying so I have to crawl up the stairs and get him.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Just having another day in Hot, Sunny Florida.

I wanted to share a few photos with everyone. I finally bought myself another knitting book. I am one day going to post my wish list of Knitting books that I would like to get. Anyway I got this cool book from Ross and the price was great.

I love it.

I have finally got a handle on picking up stiches. (at least I think I do). After talking with Susie and looking and reading everything I could find. I finally got through that process and now I am moving along. But I wanted to post a picture of bottom of the bag so that when Susie looks I hope she will say yes that is right.

What do you think? Does this look right?

Hopefully this is what the bottom is to look like. Now I have to show off my two young ones sleeping yesterday. Trevor was just to funny. Plus I have Tyler in a bubble bath trying to see how he would look if he had a beard. He is just to funny also.

Here is how Trevor fell asleep at nap time.

Now for Cristian (my sleeping angel)

Tyler having a bubble beard.

I had a great July 4th and I hope everyone else did also. Off to the knitting world of mine.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Went to my lovely sis-in-love's blog and came across this. She sure does find the coolest things. Pls remember to pray for Susie has she is getting ready to see her daughter Katie get married and Susie is probably going stir crazy trying to make sure everything is done. Also pray for my family that will be traveling to Michigan to see our Katie get married. Pray for safe travel for everyone. Now am off to finish moving my three sons into different rooms.

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