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Monday, October 16, 2006

There has been knitting.

Do you ever wonder when you will get your projects done (that is knitting for me). I believe that I now have 5 projects on needles. When I first learned to knit I told myself and my wonderful sister in love Susie that I would only do one project at a time. Of course she just sat there and laughed and agreed with me. Now I understand why she never said a word to disagree with me she knew better.

I finished my first pair of socks ever and of course I did not count my rows so one sock is a tad bit longer then the other. I am a little shy of putting this on the blog here but maybe one day I will get the nerve up to post a picture of it. Hopefully with the ones that I am making now, I will not make the same mistake. How did I do this and how will I not do it again??? That is my question of the month.

I was given a nice blessing from some of my friends that I knit with on Thursday nights. I love to bake goodies so I do this every Thursday night that I go to Sip & Knit to knit with my lady friends. So anyway they blessed me with two gift certicates for the store (they told me that I had to make something for me and that I was not able to spend this money on anyone (SP9) and that this is just for me. Let me tell you I was totally blown away from there blessings. I am not used to people blessing me just because.

So I THANK YOU Ladies from the bottom of my heart. I will be searching my books and patterns to see what I will make for myself. Well there calls my two young boys I guess it is time for me to take care of them.

Hopefully I will have pictures of me knitting process soon.


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