Mommy, Mommy, MOMMY!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A New Day!!!!!!

I have been a busy bee. I have finished the scarf that I made for me friend Regina in Ohio and now it will be going into the mail today. I have started Chrismas shopping and I have all my friends here done, now for my three boys and husband. I have been blessed with a set of beginners drums for my 8 year old and I am going to hide them and on Christmas I am going to put a huge red bow and give them to him, oh he is going to be so amazed that I got them for him. This Christmas is just too cool, my 3 year old is so into the lights and trees all lite up and I can't wait until we put our tree up. I hope that I will be able to get my husband to get me the tree today and then the boys and I will be able to decorate it.
I have been knitting on my socks, boy do they (or should I say ONE sock) take a long time when you are only able to knit maybe one or two rounds at a time. Even though it seems to be taking too much time, I am still having fun learning how to knit a sock. Oh no, the time is getting away from me, I have to go to church. Seeya