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Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Hello from Florida

Just thought it was time for me to blog again. I have been knitting Brooklyn's "Everyday Bag" (I am sorry I am not sure where Susie got this pattern, will email her so I can add a link to this). I will be taking pictures of the bag soon. I am having trouble with the Fun Fur, it is getting into knots on me. I am having to break off and then try to get the knots out of it. When I went to the kitting store in Winter Park I was telling the lady there that this was happening to me with the Fun Fur, so she started it for to make sure that I was using the right string, well as you can guess I am sitting in church (teaching the 2-4years old) trying to get is out of a Big knot. I was able to get enough of it to cast off on the bag, now I am going to work some more on it so that I can make her a I-Cord.
Went to my father-in-laws house last week while Auntie Lynn was there (she has been friends wit my mother-in-law and father-in-law since high school). She came to Florida and called to ask me to bring my children up to Eustis to visit her. So here are some pictures so that my sister-in-loves can see her.

Here is Lynn, Cristian and Tyler (they are just too cute)

Picture of Lynn and Joe.

Pamela and Lynn (Hope I look this good at 80)

Here is a picture of my wonderful husband and Lynn

Hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures. Have to go now for my two young need to go and take naps.


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