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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Here is another hobby of mine. "Stampin Up"

I just want to share another hobby of mine. I love to make my own cards and scrapbook, so every third Friday of the month I go to my friend Shelly's house and we make a few projects. So this last Friday I went and Donna came with me. So I am going to share pictures of this fun night.

Here are the ladies stampin their hearts out.

Here is Shelly friend (I am terrible with remembering names,pls forgive me) embossing a card, her best friend needs a copy of this picture to believe this is true. That Friday was her first time stampin. So lets give her a hand for a great job and a fun person to stamp with.

Here is a picture of me with my finished crafts. We made a card and a book to hold cards (birthday) for each month. Shelly is oh so cool about coming up with great ideas for us.

I noticed that you are not able to see what the projects really looked like in the picture of me. So here is another picture of the finished projects.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my other hobby. Will post new pictures of some other things that I have made.


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