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Friday, August 25, 2006

We have a new addition to the Stern home!!!!

I have not been blogging regularly because my two young boys have started preschool and I am trying to get them ready. I have also adopted a new little kitty. I will post pictures today or tomorrow. I am now two girls instead of it being one female with a house of 4 boys (DH, and 3DB). She is about 2.5 pds and I would say a calico kitty. She was free and have had her first set of shots and was given a clean bill of health.

I have am getting ready to send my Secret Pal her last package and a I found the pattern she wanted. I am been so freaking out trying to found this one and I have come across the mag. With the pattern so of course is will be getting the whole mag.

Gotta go now, I am out the door to shop while my two young ones are in school.


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