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Monday, May 30, 2005

I Knitz

I came to Michigan with the express intent of learning to knit. I had been contemplating this for quite some time. So when it came to learning the ways of the sticks, it was so easy my sister Susie is still not sure that I hadn't already been knitting for years.

After a brief stint with a pair of 10.5 straights and some leftover merino, we decided to attack our first project: a felted Keyhole Bag. Susie worked this pattern right along with me so that she could teach me each technique (casting on, increases, decreases, binding off, etc.) as it came along.

She was amazed at how fast I could knit. At some points I was waaay ahead of her. Eventually she caught up.

Here I am, working on weaving in the ends of the yarn before we can felt the bag.
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And here I am, enjoying an alternative use for the project.
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The bag, prefelting. Dimensions: 12" across, 8" to buttonhole opening. Followed the above directions (less than) to the letter. Used Lamb's Pride Bulky single strand (I was having too much trouble carrying both bulky strands) in purple, Cascade 220 doubled in pink, Lamb's Pride Worsted in blue. Size 15 Addis.
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Fresh from felting. In need of a shave... Dimnensions: 9.5" by 5".
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Susie's prefelted offering. All Lamb's Pride Worsted, doubled.
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Fresh from the bath. Apparently Susie bound off much more loosely than I did, as her bag is sort of...baggy at the top. Much tugging did not resolve this, so she decided to content herself that this is the way it should be. It is unique...just like every other bag.
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In preparation for the next felting project, here is...Knitpicks dyeityourself aran weight in my choice of colors. I will be knitting this into some sort of felted bag. I think it looks (if memory serves) like a Tequila Sunrise. It's eyeblinkingly bright. I love it and I love her and I am so glad I got to come visit. My husband, Susie's youngest brother Robin, is home dealing with all three boys and doing a wonderful job of it. (Or he's doing a wonderful job of covering up...either way, I'm getting to relax and knit. What a guy!)
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Shortly we'll be off to canoe down the AuSable River today. I wonder if I can take my knitting?

Have a blessed day!


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