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Friday, May 12, 2006

It has been one of those months!!!!

It has not been a great month for me, I lost my mother last year on the 25th of May and her birthday is the 30th of this month. My poor husband just does not know what to do with me. I tell him that I am ok and then I just start crying and feel so sad. I know that that my Mom is in a better place and that she is not hurting anymore but still damn it I miss her and wish that she was still here. This will be the first Mother's Day without her and I am not sure that I am going to be able to put on a happy face but on the other hand I have been blessed with three wonderful boys and I know in my heart that my mom would not want me to sad on this day. So just pray for me that I will be ok and be able to keep a smile on my face. I know that the next year and year after that and year after that it will be better.

I did get to go to a Mother's Day party at my three years old preschool today and he made me this heart ornament (cinnamon and apple sauce) it sure smells good. I do not have any pictures yet but let me tell you that my house smell goods. My cristian was so happy to give me his present today. I tell you even though this is a sad time for me, those type of presents are the best. I just love the ones that my children make me and also the cards that my husband make me. I have been with my husband for 20 years and I have all the homemade cards that my husband has made me over the years.

My sister in love went to Japan and I asked her to send me a kimno and she informs that it will take me about 21/2 hours to put it on and that it will cost me $500.00 in US money, of course I told her that I would rather spend that amount of money in her etsy store. So instead she send me a silk robe and all kinds of other goodies. Here is a picture for you to see:

As you can see in the picture that I got yarn, needles, more yarn, candy for my kids but of course they have eaten them already (I too had to help them) and some chop sticks that are why to cool.

Thanks Susie you are the best sister in love and my friend. Also she is the one that taught me how to knit just about a year ago. If you are interested go and say hello to her I will also have a link to her Etsy store on the right side under links soon.

I can't end this post without some pictures of my boys.

Here is my Tyler (he is just too cute)

Here is Cristian ( he is just too much)

Here is my Trevor (now this one is just way to cute)

Look at how blessed I am. Good night blog world. Until we meet again.


  • At 6:52 PM, Anonymous kimberly said…

    How I share your pain. I lost my mom 7 months ago. I was just sharing with my husband a little bit ago how this will be the first Mother's Day without momma and it's hard. I always made her something and was thinking today of all the projects that I had made her over the years and she lovingly kept them all. I will be thinking of you on Sunday.

  • At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I too can understand your loss. I lost my mother in Feb 2005 so I remember looking at Mother's day cards and crying because I couldn't send her one. I miss my mom everyday. There are things I want to tell her and ask her but I can't anymore and that is hard but I tell her anyway in my own way. I still cry and mourn her but I know she is in a better place. But I will be thinking of you during this difficult time.

    Secret pal 8


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