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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Just another day and week in Florida and in the life of me!

I have recieved two emails from my Secret Pal 7 and I am soooo looking forward to this. I of course love to be spoiled (really who doesn't and if you don't WHAT PLANET ARE YOU FROM) and I have my Secret Pal who I hope loves or at least likes what I send her. I am so hoping to bless her socks right off her feet (ha,ha) for she is a sock knitter and she knows how spin. Yes, I truly want to learn how to spin, just can't seem to understand the book that I have so I am stuck in neutral until I either found a book with easier instructions or someone here in Lake Mary, FL.

I need to send a big THANKS to my Secret Pal 6 she did a great job spoiling me and she sent me some great things. I am knitting my three boys the hat that she sent me a pattern for. I am so amazed that I have been able to learn to knit and that I can see the finish project. Thanks Susie for teaching me and still helping me all the way from Michigan. Go and check out her blog and while you are there read and check out her new store. She is selling her yarn that she as spinned and dyed herself. I hope this link works this is the first time that I have tried this.

There is also a few ladies that I need to Thank for sending me stuff, like for my birthday and also just RAOK. I am so sorry ladies for taking so long in getting this out to you. I have no excuse so pls just accept my Sorry. Thanks to Lynne for the Christmas gift you so Rock my blog friend, and also to Marina for the Birthday gift and I will be trying the recipe for the Cincinnati Chili really soon you too Rock my blog friend.

Well my son Tyler and my DH just came home and now I am off to tan and Publix, even though my DH says he can not afford my $70.00 bill everytime I go. It just seems that the items in my cart just jump in there honey. Oh well maybe one day I will be able to get into the store and just get the things on my list.


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