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Friday, November 25, 2005

Wow, it has been to long since I blogged.

Just wanted to say a Thank you to my secret pal for the package that I recieved in Tuesday mail box. I just loved to yarn (purple) and the card was way to cool. I will have pictures soon of the stuff because I know that I am forgetting something. I had a great Thanksgiving this year with just my wonderful husband and three boys. It was hard not having my mom here, but I know that she is in a better place and not in pain anymore. I thank God everyday for his strength, for I lost my dad a little over a year ago, my mom has been gone since the end of May and then my 33 year old nephew went home to be with Jesus in July. So as I sat at the table last night, I realized how very blessed I am to live in America and have Jesus has my savior and I have a great family and I am alive. I will be posting pics soon of the scarf that I made my very best friend in Ohio for her birthday in January. I am also learning how to knit socks, I am on my first one and I am knitting in the round now. Boy they are too cool and I have found a great group of knitter's in Maitland, Fl and we meet every Thursday night for three hours. I have a great teacher (Barbara) the only problem is that she does not know how to spin. I am still waiting to meet someone or found a book that will help to get started with this. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Seeya later.


  • At 11:04 PM, Blogger marianne said…

    hi Pammi! thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I am so flattered that you had asked if you could buy one of my art compositions...I wouldn't be able to sell the original but if you would be interested in a high quality color photocopy I could look into that. you can email me at stuffiestuffs(at)gmail(dot)com if you want!

    I like your blog and have added it to my bloglines subscriptions! :)

    ~Marianne (


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