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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Finally Pictures of Tyler's Birthday Party and then some.

I know in previous post I said that I would be posting pictures of Tyler's birthday 8 year old birthday party, but as you can see I did not get around to it. I was called away from my computer by the two kids calling Mommy,Mommy,MOMMY. So no more delays here are some of the pictures.

We rented Moonwalks and the big kids(5 and older) got the SpongeBob....

The little ones (1-4)got the Log Cabin.

Mommy had fun with this one with the little ones.

Cristian finally got into the picture. It took him almost the whole party to get the nerve to go into one of these.

And of course once he realized how much fun these were, I was not able to get him out.

Here is the kids swimming on a beatiful,sunny and HOT day.

Another picture of the kids swimming with some of the Mom's in the background.

And of course with almost 20 people showing up to the party (kids and parents) I had to make two cakes, yes I wrote two cakes. And Tyler tells me that I had to make a cholocate with cholocate iceing and then vanilla with vanilla icing. You know we could not have people come and not like cholocate or vanilla so they had a choice.
I was a great way to end the summer for the kids because the next day was SCHOOL.

Picture of the Cholocate Cake.

Here is the Vanilla Cake.

They might not be pretty but the kids loved them.

Now I can't forget a picture of the birthday boy (he sure does look tired)

Now for my knitting. I just recieved an order from KnitPicks and I will be trying to post pictures of the yarn tomorrow. My girlfriend Jana and I are going to try to knit some purses. I will be writing more of that later.

I am going through withdrawal from StampinUp. My friend Shelly has not been able to have get togethers at her house and do some serious stampin. I am running short on my cards. I guess I will just have to get my supplies out myself and do it. I just like stampin with other people and Shelly just comes up with great idea. I need ideas to get started on cards. Oh well life will get slower some time soon (I hope) and we will be getting together soon. Well I am off to sleepin land I need to get up at 6:00am so that I can pray with my girlfriend Peggy. So far we have been able to to do this for three weeks now. Yes, I will have to say it sure is a great way to start your day. Have a great evening and lots of hugs and good thoughts to everyone out there.


  • At 3:08 PM, Blogger StampinShelly said…

    Yay! I was glad to finally see those pictures! I am planning a stamp a stack real soon! It's on my to do list for today to set a date. I am going to do a session on a Friday night and one on a Sunday afternoon. 12 cards for $15. So don't despair, we will be stamping together soon!


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