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Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Great Week in the Mail Box.

Boy it sure feels like I have not blogged in SOOOOOO long. And of course waiting so long to post that now I have lots to say and lots of pictures. Last week was a busy week for me at work and one long day with the boys crying and the phone not stopping from ringing, I walked to the mailbox and there it was a box from my Secret Pal. She is so awsome, she sent me a great pattern (Whales & Sails)that I can make for my three boys (cap,hat). I can't wait to start on these. I am a little nervous but I know I had a great teacher and she tells me that I can do it. My pal also sent me a great book (Abiding in Christ) A Month of Devotionals. I love this and as soon as I recieved it it has found a place in my purse.


Then the next day I recieved a package from Carol in Il and she is also so great. She gave me yarn, books and coloring books for my boys, needle, candles, how to knit book and a really cool measuring tape. I think she is my needle exchange person.

The gifts were wrapped for my boys and of course I had to let them open them, tissue paper all over the kitchen.

Here is a nice picture of everything that Carol sent me.

Here is a picture of what the boys recieved:

Then my wonderful Sister in love was selling some of her stuff (yarn,books) and my credit card was oh so smoking.

I am having a great time with reading the books and I am going to give a try at spinning. I won a great deal on ebay and of course I can not find the pictures of what I recieved. So soon I am going to try some of the yarn that I got from Susie and spin it. If you look closely in the picture of stuff from Susie my spindale is there.

Then a few weeks back I bought my first and second purchase from KnitPicks I have to say I love it. Here is a picture the yarn from the first purchase.

Here is a book that I recieved. It is also great.

Now a question for all you people out there in the blogging world. How do I get my wish list (link) on my blog. Any help would be great.
I am off to watch TV now my one show is on Desperate Housewives. I love this show, it is sooooo funny.
Have a great night.
Before I leave I know there are things that I left out that Carol sent me. So please check out the picture.


  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger Katelyn said…

    Hi, Ms. Pam (this is Katelyn), to post a link, when you are creating a new post, just click on the button with the green ball on it (that is next to the text color button) and type the web address to your wish list. If that dosen't work for some reason, you can always just post the web address (without making it a link)and then people can just copy and paste it into their browser. Hope this helps! =D


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