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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Help Crying Baby

I am having one of those nights. My almost three year old is not going to bed tonight and is just crying my name out. I have the hardest time with not going in there to lay down with him and just fall asleep in my arms, but my dh is saying NO. I think he is finally done. YES,YEA. I went to Jacksonville this weekend without my kids, my wonderful husband stayed at home with them so that I could visit with my Uncle that I have not seen in 21 years. I had a great time, even though it was like sitting there with my dad who past away 1 year ago in July. I had a great time though getting to be with Valeria again, we are hoping to take off next summer to Ohio with our kids and visit with our old friends and family. I am looking forward to being with my best friend Regina and seeing my sister Shari and my aunt again. I have not seen them since October. I will be posting pictures of my trip soon. Here is my dh with dinner. see ya later.


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